Sometimes the truth sucks, but it’s the truth. Truth is, I feel bad that I feel bad. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster, and to be honest I’m not a fan. Being an adult is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s fun at first but then you begin screaming because you want off but the ride never stops, it just gets faster. There are so many ups, downs, twists and turns and you just never really know where you’re going.

Don’t freak out, but I’m going to spill my heart out all over this blog. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and not 100% lately, and I know it’s okay because we all have those days. I’m just being honest with you, while you hold in all of life’s storms. I just feel bad, and I feel bad that I feel bad.

I know, I know, I know deep down in my heart that God is going to see me through, but I’m just having a moment where I’m just feeling overwhelmed with the storms of life. The winds and waters are overwhelming and I’m finding it a little harder to just trust God, so instead I’m freaking out inside. I know in this moment God is wanting my 100% trust, but I’m finding it hard to give it to Him. I’m finding it harder than normal to let go. So many things are changing, and so many things are not changing. The things I want to change are not, and the things I don’t want to change are. Funny, huh? But not really.

O, ye of little faith (I’m talking to myself here).

I know better, but gosh I’ve been in a spot lately where I could just break down in tears if the right person tried to pull it out of me. I’m trying my best to take a deep breath or two and keep my eyes focused on Him instead of the storm that seems to be following me everywhere I go. I’m trying my best to hold it all together.

I know that it’s Satan trying to pull me down. He wants so bad for me to give up on God, to give up the blessing that’s coming my way. He wants to dim my light, to stop the testimony that’s about to take place.

I’ve been through enough to know that God has not brought me this far to leave me now. Please keep me in your prayers, growing up is not the easiest thing to do. I’m trying to be patient so that I can find the way God wants me to go. I would appreciate all the prayers, and uplifting messages l can get.

I know something GREAT is coming. After all, there is always a rainbow after the storm…


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