Have you ever been at a fork in the road and had to make a decision? You thought you made the right one, but as you made your way down the road something stopped you in your tracks and you could no longer move forward. You had to make your way back to your starting point and make the journey down the road that you chose not to take. The road that wasn’t what you wanted, because it didn’t have all the shiny things.

You begin feeling rejected. Worthless. Hopeless. Lost without a plan or sense of direction. Questioning why the whole way.

We all face the road of rejection. Whether it’s a failed relationship, career, an offer that fell through on a house, lost friendship, etc. It happens to us all because sometimes that “thing” we wanted so bad wasn’t meant for us to have.

The road that we wanted to go down wasn’t the road that God wanted for us. We usually aren’t too happy when this occurs, but I’ve learned that it’s all about perspective. He see’s what we don’t.

He sees the storms up ahead. The troubles and trials. The hurting hearts. While we only see the good in the first five feet. We aren’t able to see the full picture of what this road entails.

Maybe we aren’t ready to make the journey or maybe that journey will never be ours to take. But either way, I’ve learned outside of the heartbreak that rejection is God’s redirection.

I’ve had to learn to smile through the rejection of some things I thought I wanted so that God could give me what I truly needed.

Yes, I am facing rejection at the time I am writing this. Yes, it hurts. But I’ve been through enough to know that God has a better plan than what I ever could.

My heart’s desire is to always be in the will of God. I know I’m not always there, but that is my intention. I’ve learned to trust in Him as He calls me out upon the water. I’ve learned to let go of every plan that I’ve ever had in exchange for His. I’ve learned that my time here is not about me, but it’s about Him.

It’s hard to let go sometimes┬ábecause some dreams carry more weight than others. But the one who gives the biggest blessings and dreams is the one who knows my heart.

So again, it’s time for me to let go & let God have His way.


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