To my beautiful, wide-eyed, curly-haired, redheaded, little princess that I get to call my sister:

I’m sorry that you are constantly being let down by “boys.”

I know you want that love that you see in movies, to have someone that cares, wants to spend time with you and buy you chicken nuggets. I know how hard it is to watch others have someone while you are living the single life. I know that it’s hard watching life from the sidelines but just be patient, God has a plan.   

You may wonder why I’m writing this but it’s because I know how special you are. From my perspective as your older brother, I see a princess. You are truly a prize and a gift from God, that not just anyone deserves (he has to be special too). I see your beautiful heart and how you care for others. I see your smile as you laugh at a joke. I see your heart for God and how you want to do right. I know your dreams of being a wife and a mother. I know it’s hard to be patient, but God knows what’s best.

I know just how special you are because I’ve always been there. I’ve watched you grow into a beautiful woman, chase your dreams, and work hard for everything you have. So if these “boys” aren’t ready to step up and be men, I hope they leave you and your heart alone. If they aren’t ready to open your car door, check to make sure you made it home safe, or pay for your food I hope they leave your heart alone and keep on walking.

I know they see your outer beauty, but there is so much more to you than what they can see.

These “boys” are only looking to add a number or a name to their list, but they’ve got the wrong girl. These “boys” are wanting inappropriate relationships with no commitment, but they’ve got the wrong girl. These “boys” are looking just to have fun but they have no intentions of marriage, and they’ve got the wrong girl.

I promise one day there will be a man that steps up to be everything you’ve desired. A man that will hold open the door and pay for your dinner. A man that will cherish your heart and put God first. A man that will put you before himself because he loves you that much. A man that won’t want anything more than to hold your hand and kiss you on the porch because he respects your boundaries. I promise there is one out there, but you have to be patient.

I’m sorry that there are so many “boys” out there that only let you down. Boys today have no idea how to treat a girl period, and for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that they break your heart and they dim the light in your eyes. I’m sorry that they are just a waste of time, but I promise it’s for the best. You are special, and God knows that.


I’m glad you didn’t give him any more of your time because he didn’t deserve it, he didn’t deserve you. You are the most beautiful girl with a heart that can’t be bought. God has someone special for you and I can’t wait to meet him. After all, God loves you more than I ever could.

Love you always,

Your big brother



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