When is it going to be my turn?

No matter the scenario, sometimes we all ask ourselves that same question.

We go through life and sometimes it’s just hard to be content. We are always looking for the next thing, the next turn, the next exit… but for what? Are we going to be happy when we get there? Is the next destination full of exciting moments? Is it full of hard work and sacrifice? Is it going to be everything we thought it was? Will the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get there be worth it?

All of those questions hold some truth. The next turn is going to be full of exciting things, hard work, tears, and sacrifice. Will we enjoy it when we get there? Will we already be looking for the next thing? Most likely.

It’s hard being human because our fleshly desires take over and we don’t spend as much time in the arms of Jesus. In His arms is where my contentment lies because when I’m there I want for nothing. I’m fully content to walk with Him and only Him. It’s hard to stay there because my flesh doesn’t like it. My flesh is selfish and it wants instant gratification, it wants what it doesn’t have. My flesh is waiting for the next turn, the next exit because it thinks over there is where contentment lies but that isn’t true.

We wait for the next birthday, Friday, vacation, or tomorrow to be happy but tomorrow never comes.

We must find contentment where we are now or we will never be happy. Tomorrow will not make us happy, nor will birthdays, marriage, children, college, friendship, money, fancy houses, or our dream job. Contentment and happiness lies in the arms of Jesus. I know this first hand because I’ve been in all those places trying to find my happiness. I waited for the next turn, hoping it would be there but it wasn’t.

I found my happiness in Jesus, and only Him. I found peace in His name, and in His arms. I found myself when I looked through His eyes. I found my worth when I listened to what He had to say about me, and when I listened to His plans for my life. It was all in Him and it has always been in Him.

I know better now than to look for the next turn, but sometimes I still do. I don’t look as long as I once did because I’ve grown and I’ve found my contentment, and I know where it lies.

My happiness is in Jesus, and I’m thankful that I know Him because otherwise I would always be looking and waiting for the next turn, for my exit, for tomorrow…

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