It’s been roughly two weeks since I put my story on paper for the world to read.

To say that I have been nervous is probably an understatement. I poured myself into each word, onto every page, and every chapter you get the real Brian. I wondered what people would think, but I had to remember that this is my testimony. So good or bad it doesn’t change a thing.

There was not a thing I held back. The dark, the light, the hurt, the love, the sadness, the joy, and the contentment you got to read it all. Why might you ask? It’s because I like honest people. Without honesty, it’s very hard to help people. We all struggle and we often times feel alone because not too many people share their insecurities, their hurt, and their dark moments with the world. We usually only get to the see the polished up version, the smiles, and the photoshopped images. Never the real.

What if we were all real? What if we never again looked at someone else and thought they had it better or that they didn’t have any insecurities or fears? What if we knew that we were all the same. I think we’d have more friends.

All we see are our own problems, our own insecurities, and our own hurt. We can only see two feet in front and we fail to trust that God has a plan. The realness that we all possess is beautiful. We each have a story to tell, joy to share, and hurt to feel but we aren’t alone.

We each carry our own set of baggage and our bags are filled with different things. I chose to unzip my bags and lay them down so that you could see that just like you I have bad days, insecurities, doubt and hurtful words that I carry around with me.

I knew that along with the bad there was so much good I had to share! God has been good in my life. I appreciate each chapter more today than ever because I have learned to trust and lean on Him more than I ever have before. I’m finally able to see that God has a plan for me.

I hope that by me sharing my story, you will no longer feel alone and that you will trust God to carry you through. Because just like me, you have a book inside of you!

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