So many times we get discouraged when doors get shut in our faces, but we too often forget that everything that shines isn’t gold.


It’s been a short time since I heard “Love & War” when it first dropped on iTunes. I fell in love with your voice the moment I heard you tell your story in the form of a song.

I then watched “Tamar & Vince” for the first time that same night, it was then I also fell in love with your personality. I still didn’t know your story until much later.

As I followed your career from that point on, I learned of your past abusive relationship, the many record labels that let you go and your insecurities.

What stood out the most to me as the time passed was your humility and perservance. No matter how many doors were shut in your face you kept pressing on.

From Braxton’s Family Values, Tamar and Vince, The Real, 4 Grammy Nominations and your first “real album” Love & War, nothing has stopped you from reaching for the stars.

Fast forward to 2015 when you released the best album of your career, “Calling All Lovers.” This was also the same year you appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

I watched you week after week improve as a dancer and just like always, facing unnecessary criticism from people who failed to understand you.

Then out of no where, you were absent from your last dance. I knew something had to be wrong for you to not show up.

Low and behold there you were, when they were ready to count you out. A fighter.

Now as we watch, and try to defend your character the best we know how, we know the truth and that this isn’t the last of Tamar Braxton.

You will continue to fight, because God has brought you too far to leave you now! There is so much left for you to do.

As we wait for your next album, tour, Grammy win and more; I know that myself and the rest of the Tamartians will still be here cheering you on.

Little do you know, the fact that you push on despite what people say gives the rest of us the power to believe in ourselves and in our dreams.

Until the next door opens, let us praise HIM in the hallway!

A fan,

Brian Williams

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4 thoughts on “A fan’s letter to Tamar Braxton 

  1. BrianWilliams that was wonderfully said I couldn’t have put it any better myself, we love Tamar to the moon and back and she will always come out on top.

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  2. Brian now why did you have to go and do that… Just when I think I’m over it you pulled me back in… you got me crying all over again. That was beautiful. Listen you are so right about her. She has so much on her plate right now and she will be so busy… Sometimes God does for us what we can’t do for ourselves what we won’t do for ourselves and this is probably one of those things, so that she can focus on her mother and focus on her family and focus on her career… in that order! I love you Tamar. You will always bounce back and keep it moving. Michelle Coles.

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  3. Beautifully said, haters going to hate but when they hate they help to build character. Its all good they have just given her another boost to fulfill her dreams. Tamar came out the winner.

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  4. Wow, Brian just Wow. That was so well said and very true about her. I hope she reads your letter and it jolts the inner core of her being back to business. Her drive is so inspirational to so many.

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