I fell in love with music at a young age. I fell in love with the lyrics, the emotion, the memories certain songs brought back, and the moments when you hear your favorite song for the first time.

When it came time to decide what I wanted to do after high school, there was only one thing I wanted to do and that was work in the music business. I met country singer Julie Roberts a few times in between 2004 – 2006, and she was a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I thought if I majored in the music business, I could get a job at her record label and help promote her music. How awesome would that be? Would it even feel like work, doing something you love?

I told pretty much everyone in my life that I was going to move to Nashville and go to school, without considering what God had planned for me. I had these big plans just like every other high school kid, who wants to get out of town and make something of themselves.

The summer before my senior year, everything changed. I attended a sister church’s homecoming service in August, just like I had in years past. I had been to Lima Missionary Baptist Church before, as some of my family belonged there. During the special singing, a young man named Spencer got up to sing a song called “Journey.” A minute or so into the song, God began moving in the church. The whole congregation stood and I heard shouting and weeping while he proceeded to sing, “What a journey, this journey has been with my Lord. Walking and talking with him.”

That was my aha moment.

As I looked around and saw the church rejoicing, I knew this had to be a small glimpse of what heaven would be like. That was the very moment I knew I couldn’t move to Nashville and follow my dreams. It’s not that God doesn’t move in Nashville (he is everywhere), but he wanted me right here in Ohio.

I still remember that moment like it was yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, there still have been times where I have wondered what my life would have been like if I would’ve packed my things and moved to Nashville. Maybe I would’ve made more money, maybe I would’ve loved my job, and maybe I could’ve made a life there, but God told me no. That was all I needed to know.

We aren’t always going to understand the reason behind God’s plan or why he keeps us from certain things. I know it’s hard to watch your plans and dreams go up in smoke, but trust me when I say God’s plan is always better.

I couldn’t begin to list all of the blessings I would have missed out on, if I would’ve moved to Nashville despite the warning I received.

My plans and want-tos have changed since then. I still don’t know what God has planned for me while I’m here, but I know that if I start going down the wrong road he will guide me in the right direction.

“When God has another plan, walk on and just say yes.

When God has another plan, be assured that He knows best.

If all your dreams are shattered, rest in His sufficient grace.

We don’t have to understand, when God has another plan.”


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One thought on “The truth about why I didn’t leave for Nashville

  1. Very well written Brian. I haven’t known you to be vocal about a lot and I’ve known you for a few years now. As for Nashville, I think the roads there are littered with bums who had the same dreams of making music, but it’s not only hard work it’s about connections and in some cases, dumb luck. I think more people had the same dreams if they are honest, but reality steps in when responsibility takes precedence . You seem to have found a talent though with what you can do with words and expressing thought. Keep pursuing this, there may be a reason for this gift down the road.

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